The first app with a compass aligned
to Manhattan’s street grid

Exiting the subway at an unfamiliar stop? Instead of accidentally walking a block in the wrong direction to orient yourself, launch the Uptown app even before you’re outside and you’ll know which way you’re headed as soon as you step out onto the street.

Since it doesn’t utilize the GPS or have to connect to the network you’ll experience no delay in getting your bearings.

And, when you’re off the grid in Brooklyn or beyond, just tap the arrow button to alternate between Magnetic North and Manhattan’s Uptown/Downtown.

Requires the iPhone 3GS for its built in magnetometer.

Available on the AppStore

Uptown was created by Andy Clymer.
Please feel free to contact the developer by email, andy@uptownapp.com
Fonts by Hoefler & Frere-Jones
© 2009 Andy Clymer